New to ODM - Couple Questions

Hi there. I am new to ODM and have been using lightning to process my first project. I am wondering if there is any easy way for me to be able to share my project for other people to be able to use and view it. I do some aerial surveying and have been asked to take some surveys so that the customer can plot locations, measure distances etc… How can I share it so a customer can use it on the map interface to interact with it?



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You could let them manage the data themselves using the exported “” so they can use tools like ArcGIS, QGIS, or others to interact with the GIS data.

Others use the exported “” on a cloud-hosted instance of WebODM that they manage themselves (not via Lightning) to create logins for their clients which will then have the appropriate “” project(s) dump imported back into the instance. The client could then interact with their project(s) in the web UI.

Others yet use a dedicated local machine (exposed to the internet) with a similar workflow to the prior.

Hi ,

You can use webodm by setting that up in cloud,
That have almost all the features you require

also connect me over mail, i might be able to host your data for analytics and visualisation purpose with my own app

mail-: [email protected]

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Welcome, Mohit!

Do you have any further information about your service/app/platform?

Do you have a demo instance of it somewhere, or perhaps the code for the community to review?

Hu Saijin,

i will make it public soon, i am trying to build platform to share and visualise, drone data along with some analytics

Also used ODM for processing engine, but want my platform more as data sharing and analytics platform

Can you send me mail so i can make some demo for you

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Mohit, I’m probably not the best person to test such a platform as I’m not sure if I’d be able to offer you many good insights so early in the process!

I’ll wait until you have something public.

When you have something, make your own thread and introduce it and yourself to the wider community (if you don’t want to do so already)

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