New - is it worth it?

Started with a drone in 2017, worked through Drone Deploy to Pix4d trying a couple others along the way (Carlson, Global Mapper). Big fan of open software so made sure to buy the installer and book and GCP software even if it is not yet worth it. Been laser scanning since 2014 so jumping into the phodar clouds was not as great a leap as jumping into Aerial / Static / Mobile Mapping all at once. (Not quite at once, I did fry a laptop in 2009 attempting to run some aerial clouds through Autodesk CAD w/ Carlson Software… good times).
I am most excited about the possibility of adding cell phone images to a solution as there are always shadows on my 3d models of buildings. Otherwise, we have two pilots, a P4P and a MavicPro.
We also have a 2014 LB5 panoramic imaging camera - any chance of pulling panos into the mix? I could always export the six streams from the six cameras.
I will be reprocessing a 2018 Drone Deploy project in the morning. Exciting unless I hit a snag…


Welcome! Better to use the individual streams as the panos can’t be mixed with other camera types without a lot of unnecessary work.

Sounds exciting. Keep us updated.


You’ve got some fun toys!

Welcome and please do show off what you do!

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If I could only play all the time…
So I ran the first project and it failed probably due to substandard overlap. I will talk to a drone pilot tomorrow to verify our standard overlap that I believe was well under the 65% recommended.
Any easier workflow for GCPs? I pulled the images as picture points and control into Global Mapper then manually selected the images within range and put them in folders for each point. I will probably run polygons next time to export images to folders and I am kicking myself that I did not do that earlier today.

I do make web GIS Maps TOC Webmap and I combine orthomosaics with survey information to make aGIS maps (accurate GIS). The aGIS maps cen be found through the webmap by turning on the layer aGIS. No legends - what needs to be known is clickable.

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GCP Editor and GCP Editor Pro (optional paid purchase) might be easier, but it sounds like you have a GIS-based workflow. Maybe that’s less learning new tools and jumping between tools for you.

I personally use GCP Editor Pro (and purchased it prior to becoming staff for UAV4Geo), but I would love to figure out how to make say a QGIS Plugin so I can audit my data comfortably there and then pipe it to ODM.

Can’t program for anything, though :rofl:

I purchased the GCP Pro but was unsure how to load the right images so I copied the right ones into new folders. I have been self learning CSS/HTML/JAVASCRIPT for the webmaps and panoramic tours. I am scared of having any real coder review my code - it is the hacked conglomeration of several different styles, but it works.

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At least you have that going for you!

Could you describe a bit for me why you were unsure? Some screenshots of what was difficult would be massively helpful.

I tried loading every image per control point but it was slow and did not seem to sort by location. The page states to load the images with the target, so I sorted out the right ones to load. Is there a means for the app to sort those? Once a selwct by polygon template in a gis is sorted it will be fast enough.
It could just be an RTFM moment on my part.

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No, you’re good and certainly on the right path.

Currently we don’t filter or pre-select images at all. I’ll log you as a +1 on that feature request.

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