New instance...exit code 243

I am just try to get started with webodm and have a ubuntu 20.04 container (inside a proxmos server if that is pertinent) and have cloned the github repo and ran the script which ends with exit code 243 and some lines about apparmor.

I’m running as root at the moment.

I don’t see anything about apparmor in the instructions and am wondering if I didn’t jump the gun in using 20.04 which may have a few more ‘features’ active that whatever distro was used to make the install instructions.

What distro is preferable for a fresh install? I’m not that familiar with docker and this security.

A million thanks in advance!

18.04, or run in docker. Cheers!


I’ll try again with 18.04. I had the image for 20.04 on the server from other VMs and loaded up an instance with that without really thinking about it or reading up if everything was compatible.

If proxmox can deal directly with docker containers I’ve never known how to get it going. A container in a container is probably a bit unnecessary.


Ha! Yes I’ve been guilty of a container in a container. It’s convenient but probably not the ideal speed penalty.

FOLLOW UP: I was unable to resolve what was going on with the installation inside a proxmox container. I fired up a full VM ( not a container ) and installed Ubuntu 18.04 net install with full access to 24 cores, 32 GB ram and a 100GB Raid5 array and it seems to work ok with up to 70 images so far…haven’t tried anything bigger and now that snow has socked in to SW Alberta I’m probably not going to risk the drone to result in one big white Ortho… :wink: