New guy from Front Range Colorado

Hey all, I’m new to ODM, but am impressed so far. You’ve got a good thing going, here. I’m about to pull the trigger on a DeltaQuad Pro Map VTOL for some large area mapping of rugged terrain, so I’m looking forward to that! I’ve used WebODM with my Mavic Mini to get my feet wet, but am transitioning to ODM Lightning based on the amount of imagery I’m expecting to process. I’ve been in GIS and remote sensing (more so photo interpretation) since 2006, and get to guest teach at the Air Force Academy a little here and there. I’ve been real impressed with the support of the ODM community, which is a huge selling price along with the open source! Looking forward to getting to know some more of you.


P.S. I finally installed a door on my home office, which is keeping out kid noise fantastically!


Ha! Love the close to that note. Welcome, Patrick.

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Glad to hear you’re fond of ODM, and Lightning works for you. If it existed when I was doing Agricultural Field Survey, I never would have touched Pix4D :sunglasses:

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Hi Patrick - front range here as well! Nothing fancy here, just (legally with my license!) doing some agricultural mapping (mainly drainage/erosion issues) for family to keep more vulnerable members from having to meet up in person.

I envy you that door - I have one, but it doesn’t seem to stay shut for long - not to mention that drone!


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