New GCP Interface - GCP Editor Pro

Today I’ve released, an improved interface for tagging GCP images.


This is also a bit of an open-source sustainability experiment, reason why the software is released under the “Fair Source License” and is under the UAV4GEO organization. The Fair Source License is not really, really open-source, at least by OSI’s standards. We’ll see how it goes and consider changing it to a more permissive license in the near future.

Feedback welcome!


I am looking forward to using this myself… .

Now Fair Source is OSI approved, correct? It’s not a license I am very familiar with.

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I don’t think it’s OSI approved, as it restricts certain freedoms (the use limitation clause being a big one), however, I think it strikes a good balance between openess and allowing for fair monetization. explains it best. I don’t think it works well for a lot of projects, but it made sense to try for this one.

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I think it does work, as you’ve indicated. We have a proven GCP Editor already, and if users so choose, they can get a more robust one as needed as a paid add-on. Perhaps in due time, some improvements from the paid one could make it upstream to the unpaid, correct?

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