New from France (phantom 4 RTK SDK ?)

Good morning all,

I live in France.

Thanks to you for existing!

i am new and came across this site while researching to do 2D / 3D. I have a phantom RTK SDK and I admit that I am not a great speaker in English …

Already, please tell me if my drone is compatible with ODM?

I saw that there was the French translation of the manual, I will read it, thank you :slight_smile:



Manu, welcome!

Your English will be better than my French, so no worries!

ODM isn’t a flight planning program, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility that way. You may want to use Litchi or another flight planning program to design your surveys.

Will ODM process your images? Absolutely!


The “concern” is that lychee is not sure that it works with the RTK SDK, the mavic, yes, but not the other, this is the email I received this morning from them.

for my english, i speak a little but the translator is there!

good evening and thank you


ok litchi work for my phantom SDK RTK

i have bought the app.
good end of the day or
evening everyone


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