New And I Have No Idea What To Do Or Look For

Hello everyone, I am both new here and new to the topic of mapping. I am really sorry but at this stage I really don’t know what I am doing. I have attempted 3 scans so far using “Drone Harmony” to obtain the individual images.

The first two scans were the worst and I really didn’t understand why there were “Holes” in the orthomosaics where clearly image data should be, all of my images have been taken after using the “Precise” option that is to say the drone actually stops to take the picture instead of taking the picture on the move.

For my last attempt I had an altitude of 50M with the “Precise” option to take the pictures and had “Drone Harmony” App have a quadruple pass with 85% overlap x 2. I thought this would be enough to stop “Jelly Like” buildings and holes. It fixed some issues but not the holes. Please can you advise me on how to fix this issue. many thanks

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Flying at that much overlap should be adequate (and indicate you know a bit about what you’re doing), but a couple questions: can you share the data, and what settings did you use to process?

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Im new too, but whats has worked for me are small data sets 50-100 images using pix4dcapture (free), flying 75-100 meters altitude, normal speed, nadir (straight down).

these small sets get processed in an hour or less on an I7 w 16GB ram on an Ssd

ive got a feel for the presets on WebODM, and now feel comfortable doing custom settings snd what they provide. im now processing 800+ image datasets with success…in about 8 hrs, generating ortho, dsm, dtm, and las outputs.