Negative z

Hello, after making my first map with webodm, (I am in the learning phase), I observe that I get negative and positive z coordinates, I have loaded the control points by the fake GCP coordinate procedure of another plane with visible objects, electrical poles. coordinates x, y ;from z I have no data and I leave it unfilled in the GCP file. Question A) It is normal in the development of the program to obtain positive and negative z levels? B) if so, is there a filter or algorithm to set the coordinate z = 0 at the lowest point of the plane, to facilitate the readings of z profiles and the DSM and DTM maps?.
Sorry if this is not the forum site to put this question or if it is answered elsewhere … the ecosystem of this forum is complicated for me by the high level of participants and questions.

Ask away! Let me guess: were you flying a DJI?

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Thanks …no im a poor man and i´m flying a Fimi x8 2020 , there is the home work that i do on fimi x8 aerial mapping group, Facebook Groups …there are a relation of brand drones with the issue , there are anothers posts on this group that suggest it?. As you can see on pictures there are a river on the orthomosaic that i want to put as z=0 level.

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