Need to install this locally on ubuntu 16.04

Need to install this locally on ubuntu 16.04. I am new to webodm i need to install on my ubuntu machine.

used this but not able to run.

I need to debug the code.

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No need to run that script.

Just install docker and run ./ start --dev

You can then modify the code.

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its not working

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Have you made sure that your machine is fully up to date? Is your user part of the Docker group?

Can you provide us with any error messages and/or screenshots of what is happening?

Thanks its working

Is there any way to install nodeodm and not webodm.

I want to debug nodeodm api

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Thanks for you support. I am really glad to take help from you. I also want to know about the change path of my webodm processed outputs to S3. I actually want to store my all processed data into my s3 bucket. How I can achieve this.

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Please help me

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