Need Help with the GCP Interface

The Directions says, “Connect at least 5 high-contrast objects in 3 or more photos to their corresponding locations on the map.”

What are they referring to when it says “5 high-contrast objects”?

I have 4 GCP’s and 165 images for my project. So do I need to mark at least 5 different images with GPC 1 in the image? And do the same for GCP 2,3, and 4?

I suspect it means to have at least 5 GCPs, each one recorded in 3 or more photos.
The targets can be targets you place on the ground or obvious marks already on the ground.

Three GCPs is enuf really

Three would be the bare minimum, better to have them towards the corners and somewhere near the middle, ie 5, and perhaps additional for high and low points as well, depending on the total size of the area being mapped of course.

Problem is that ODM can’t bend the model to fit the GCP’s so it’s of no use to have five.

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