Need Help to Make ODM Standalone on Ubuntu 18.04

Hi all.
I’m new to OpenDroneMap, Ubuntu and python, so apologizing for ambiguous question.
I got request for make ODM to standalone, so when copy & pasted it on empty Ubuntu 18.04, then it could run without compiling.
First, I installed ODM on Ubuntu 18.04 and test run was done somehow.
Then I have to build independent library including python-pip things and I’m all at sea now.

Could someone give me any keyword can I study for this subject, then I could ask more clear again. Thank you for reading.

I’m still drifting on sea, but I learned about tarball today.
Then I could run its first line.

Probably I’m gonna make it someday.

Keep an eye on which targets Ubuntu 18.04 and Python 3 (I’ve already been able to get a nominal run going, still many issues though). We’d love to get contributions on that branch.


Have you tried these instructions?

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Thanks for consideration. My senior programmer said WebODM is not proper to his work. I heard it need to run on multiple Ubuntu at once.
Today I learned about site-packages.

It seems still need more trial.

I learned LD_LIBRARY_PATH and reached here.

Probably I need to learn another PATH.

I…have done somehow. I’m not sure I can share it directly. So I just leave steps I have walked.

  1. Installed ODM on Ubuntu 18.04 following this article.
    Tutorial to install OpenDroneMap (ODM) in Windows 10 — Hatari Labs

  2. Copied code folder to empty Ubuntu.

  3. Made new folder in /code and put bin things(include python), export $PATH here.

  4. Modified first line of to new python path.

  5. Made another folder and put lib things, export $LD_LIBRARY_PATH here.
    This could cause few problems. I solved this with virtualenv and adding multiple path.

  6. Add some line with export on

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