Need help in using OpenDroneMap for a university project

Hi, I’m a university student from India working on creating semi-autonomous drones for surveillance in our campus.
I planned on using stereo cameras for close distance but for geo maps, I plan on using OpenDroneMap. I have a raspberry pi 3B+ which I’m using to take pictures (and stereo imaging). I also have a Ublox M8N GPS module.

  1. DJI F450 quadcopter frame
  2. APM 2.8 flight controller
  3. Ublox M8N GPS module.
  4. Two cheap webcams for stereo imaging of the environment.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Once I have generated a georeferenced map of an environment, How do I use it for going from one point to another?
  2. Can I run the whole code on a raspberry pi 3B+? I assume this process is computationally intensive.
  3. Can I use OpenDroneMap to create navigable 3D maps of surroundings like dorm rooms and buildings? Can some one please provide me links for guides and tutorials for the same?

TL;DR: equipment + questions.