NDVI Filter Explanation

-Hey i need a quick Guide how to Use each Filter for NDVI or else.
-I processed a Orthophoto and choose NDVI as Algorithm.
-The Color is RdYIGn. How can i know which Color is the best?? Is this just a visualisation or does it effekt the Quality of the Results?
My Main Question is: Which Filter Type (RGN, NRG, NRB…) is the best? Which Filter do i use in which use case ? Can someone Explain what is exactly happening if i change the Filter type. I know it stands for each Spektral Band but i got the NDVI why would i chose a specific Series ?

The next Question is the graph between -1 and 1 on the x-axe there is the outcome of NDVI but what says the y-axe? It goes up and down but what exectly goes up and down The Brightness?, the amount of pixels in this area? If someone got a Link where this is explained ill take it.

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Can you help us a bit with your input data. What is the sensor?

You really should not be using the NDVI algorithm on any data that is not from an NDVI sensor.

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