Native windows webodm

Today I downloaded the Windows Native WebODM but I want to know how to configure the resources I want to assign to it.


No need to assign resources! The Windows native version will use all resources available to Windows. :+1:

(simple huh?)


Such a massive improvement to UX! Piero, many thanks for your hard work on breaking free of our containers!


That’s awesome, thank you very much.


Worked great, many thanks, Piero


Great! Thanks.
Hope it will support GPU CUDA computing in the future.


Thanks also Piero, i have the windows version now, looks good.

now the tough question. how do i copy my projects from the the Docker version to the windows version?


I was thrilled to see that WebOdm can now be run natively on Win10. I ran the installer and finally got to try it out so I ran a set of 65 images that I had earlier ran successfully through the Docker version of WebOdm. The images uploaded OK and then were resized successfully but then I get this error message:

EPERM: operation not permitted, rename ‘E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\tmp\5ed11865-aeb7-4e37-9e23-03a3e339715b’ → ‘E:\WebODM\resources\app\apps\NodeODM\data\5ed11865-aeb7-4e37-9e23-03a3e339715b\images’

Tried it twice with the same result. Any idea what went wrong?

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You can try to import the zipped files of existing assets.


That is great news. Thank you.


I just install it. I run a 204 RGB dataset in forest setting.
It looks cpu and ram using low. Is there any way to maximum the cpu and ram usage to 100% to fast process? :innocent:

Screenshot 2021-06-01 225355

I’ve just run a 1607 image set through for DSM and DTM, and it seems to be stuck here:

[INFO] ODM app finished - Wed Jun 02 17:04:57 2021
100 - done.

How long should compressing take, as it’s been like this for over an hour now. It is still using 9% CPU and 633MB memory, so I guess it must be doing something. Timer is over 7.5 hours and still counting.

EDIT, almost 10 hours now, and no more progress, so cancelling it… which failed, so closed the window.

Can you do me a favor and follow this guide, reboot, and try processing again?

Please be aware that messing with the registry can cause severe issues and break an otherwise working system, so PLEASE read carefully, take your time, follow the directions verbatim (no freestyling at any point), and ask questions if you get lost.

What are your processing parameters?

ODM will dynamically allocate resources as needed during processing, and some parts of the pipeline are single-threaded, so you will have times where resource usage drops for a period of time. This is normal.

Is this excerpt from the processing log verbatim, or are you obfuscating some information?

Just an excerpt from end of the log to save space, the whole log gives Error 502 if I try to post, it is saved in file console.txt

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Hi, I found that the native version works ~10% faster on a dataset than the old version.

However, I haven’t found a way to print a map with the native version. The old version was on the browser that allowed printing from the File menu.

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Could you please try zipping it and uploading it here, or to a cloud storage provider we can access?



You can always visualize the different products in programs like QGIS (all the data types), CloudCompare, MeshLab, Blender, etc

There might be a bit of a learning curve to them, but so incredibly powerful, and I think very worthwhile.

Alternatively, you can purchase the WebODM Windows installer so you can use the GUI interface (though it sounds like you were already using that).

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Mm, strange, do you have an antivirus on the computer by any chance?

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Yeah that seems a bit too long. Do you have sufficient disk space / RAM?

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does it work also on Win 8.1?

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