Native Install (MacOS)

Accordinng to ODM github repository, you can native install ODM on macOS.
However, I’ve failed in all my attempts installing it without Docker.
It is really possible to do such thing?

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Sorry for the trouble.

Can you please give us a better idea of your system and also provide us with the error messages you’re getting with the command you issued?

The system I’m using:

  • macOS Ventura 13.1 (22C65)
  • Xcode 14.2
  • Command Line Tools for Xcode 14.2
  • Homebrew 3.6.15
  • Github Desktop 3.1.2
  • Git 2.15.0

When typing localhost:8000 in my browser, I get the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

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Do you know if the code even compiled?

It looks like other folks on MacOS recommend using the IP ( instead of localhost, but this was recommended for pre-Ventura MacOS… No idea if they modified the behavior further.

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