Mystex stage fails

Will be helpful, if manage to get the updated script

Any update?

Not from our end, Vivek. It looks like an absolutely massive undertaking.

Are you able to contribute code to help us?

Have been trying for few days, but didn’t work. If someone can help with some instructions will be helpful

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As far as I can tell, anything that isn’t using UINT64 or larger for value/data storage will need to be re-written, as UINT/UINT32 is what seems to be overflowing.

The texturing stage issue is now finally resolved. It worked after setting appropriate value for max_texture_size & padding size in generate_texture_atlas.cpp file and padding size in texture_atlas.cpp file.

The image texturing code is completely independent of INT type and it is capable to process images of any pixel size.

Below is the logic for calculating the Max_Texture & Padding Size for Images with larger pixels (i.e above 100 MP)

  1. Update generate_texture_atlases.cpp with std::cout statement after line 43 to fetch “padding value” & after line 47 to fetch width & height value

  2. Next, update texture_atlas.cpp with following:

    • Include #include after line 16
    • Add std:cout statement after line 66 to print width & height value
  3. Compile files(follow instructions mentioned git read section) to generate binary files and print (padding, width & height values).

Using above printed values, the logic to set “Max_Texture_Size” → “It value should be bit less the Image Width Size”

In our case, the Image(size 1.3 GB) its width was 26460 and its Max_Texture_Size is 26702.

Please note, in order to derive right value of Max_Texture_Size it may require some trails & hit.

Below are some common errors & their reason:

  1. Ran out of Memory: Max_Texture_Size is too less and texturing stage failed after Image sorting.

2.std::bad_alloc error: Max_Texture_Size value is too high

The max_texture_size value should be little less then the max width size of image.

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Hope the above information will be helpful to the community.

Would you be able to clean this up and make a Pull Request? This looks very helpful for certain workflows:
OpenDroneMap/mvs-texturing: Algorithm to texture 3D reconstructions from multi-view stereo images (

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