My simple WebODM project - print a rock!

I’m mostly just playing with WebODM to learn something new, although I may eventually have some “real” applications for it. My most recent project was 3D printing an interesting rock that sits in front of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum near Tucson. I shot 40 images of it with my cell phone when I was there in October. When I returned home I processed these 40 images with WebODM, then imported the textured mesh into Blender, did some minor edits and exported an STL file, which I then 3D printed.

Here is one of the photographs of the rock:

And the rendered image in Blender:

You can view this in Sketchfab at ASDM Rock - 3D model by Gary Stebbins (@GaryStebbins) [ac763ad] - Sketchfab .

The 3D print. I tried “silver” filament, but the reflections were too much to get a good photograph, so I switched to this multi-color filament. Not sure it was any better.

I’m pretty pleased with how this came out. I’ll certainly be doing some more similar projects. My blog post about this is at 3D Printing from Photogrammetry | Gary Stebbins' Blog .


So cool! Thanks for sharing.

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This… rocks

Blog has a great overview of your workflow, which is really neat as it allows folks to explore similar paths!

I would love to try my hand at a digital twin like this myself now!

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