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I’m looking to buy a drone with a multispectral sensor. The two options that are within my budget are DJI Phantom 4 PRO with the Sentera Multispectral Double 4K Sensor or DJI Phantom with the DJI multispectral sensor. Does anyone here know these sensors, can you tell me which would be better?
Look like the Sentera has more
The sensors link:

It seems that Sentera’s image is of better quality, but as I don’t know it, I wanted your opinion. Thanks.


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If you’re processing images with ODM, I would go with Sentera simply because they have funded some development in ODM, which means we have had more time to work directly with images coming from their sensors.


Looks like from a Megapixel standpoint that the P4 is only about 2MP where if I read the doc right the sentera is 12MP? Is 2MP good enough for what you are trying to do? I was surprised to see how low res the P4 was.

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Thanks! I’m going to go with Sentera. I think it’s safer.


I’m going with Sentera, Although DJI multispectral is an RTK drone, their sensor doesn’t convince me, there is not much information about it.

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If you’re doing Agricultural survey, it’s more important (in my opinion) to have very accurate spectra so you can access the plant health/stress better. RTK is super helpful, yeah, but you’re not spot-treating each individual plant and you’re typically working with 30m+ booms, oftentimes not even with per-nozzle control.

I think you made the better choice.

I have a Sentera 6x on the way for use with an Inspire 2. Some of their stuff is able to be mounted to an drone with RTK, and their 6x has a GPS mounted to it as well (not for RTK positioning but to automatically snap the shutter at 80% overlap). They sent me a sample dataset here for the 6x:

I’ll probably be doing 2 flights for every project. The Sentera sensor has limited control with the controller and I want more control over my RGB data capture, so I have an X4S as well.

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