Multiple repeated objects in combined 2D mapping project

Hi, I’ve just started using WebODM for my multiple mapping projects that I am about to complete.

My first trials were with the DroneDeploy app of Ringwood in Hampshire UK. I then took a subset of this (a block of images for one section of the overall map) and uploaded to WebODM via Lightning.

The problem is that on the WebODM compiled image, there are multiple images of the same car which was driving along the road at the time - whilst in the Drone Deploy compiled image the repeated image has been deleted automatically.

I have attached links to both of the rendered files to view - if you look at the large map and go to the bottom right of the image and zoom into the road area you will see no moving multiple car images. If you take a look at the second WebODM compiled image of the same section, you will see multiple images of the car that was driving down the road.

Link to large drone deploy image
Link to section uploaded via WebODM

Whilst I fully understand why this would happen, I am wondering if the way that DroneDeploy renders the final image could also be a achieved in WebODM?


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You could try switching --texturing-data-term from the default of gmi to area to see if it helps supress the moving vehicles better.


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