Multiple partial reconstructions


I would first thank the multiple people that have been helping me in the last few weeks with my challenging project to make orthophotos with historical images (1:40000 scale images, 152.4mm focal lens, B/W). Using ODM 2.7.0, I have had some success with the following command line:

run --project-path X:/odm_current_project/ --fast-orthophoto --geo X:/odm_current_project/code/images/geo.txt --debug --force-gps --gps-accuracy 250 --gcp X:/odm_current_project/code/images/gcp_list_count_3a6.txt --matcher-type bruteforce --feature-quality ultra --min-num-features 50000 --crop 0 --pc-tile --max-concurrency 10 --pc-quality high

Because of poor overlap and the historical nature of my images, I have been getting only partial reconstructions of my images. In this example, I get 2 partial reconstructions. For example, in the log I get the following:

2022-02-10 02:13:11,417 INFO: Reconstruction 0: 5 images, 1111 points
2022-02-10 02:13:11,417 INFO: Reconstruction 1: 4 images, 1019 points
2022-02-10 02:13:11,417 INFO: 2 partial reconstructions in total.

Based on the results, I see that the model is always based on the first set of images (Reconstruction 0). My question is the following. Can I force ODM to make both reconstruction even though it was trouble stitching both together?

Is there a switch I can use? Currently auto_boundary is set to false and -crop is at 0. What’s the best solution to this problem.

Nicolas Cadieux

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My understanding is that at current, we don’t support multiple partial reconstructions, and as you noted, we pick Reconstruction 0 as the one to use for the rest of the pipeline.

I’m not aware of how to change this behavior at this time. We might need a definitive word from Stephen and/or Piero.

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