Multiple cameras with different resolutions and gps accuracy

dear all,
I’m new to ODM and I’m having some problems to perform some analysis…
I fastly checked already in the forum about my problem but I didnt find the right solution for me…

I have different images from 3 cameras mounted on a single drone.

  • RGB images (in .JPG. GPS position very accurate (RTK gps))
  • Micasense altum images (in .TIF 5 bands + 1 thermal) GPS position with lower accuracy
  • Ultraviolet images (in .JPG) GPS with lower accuracy

During the flight, on the field have been placed some GCP

I have been able to create a mosaic from the RGB and from the Micasense

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Cool setup!

Right now you can’t mix 16bit Unsigned Integer mutliband TIFFs with JPGs.

Can you share the data? That UV data sounds fascinating!

thank you for the reply!
I’ll try to convert the JPGs to TIFF and then try to merge them together…

Unfortunately I can not share the images because they are part of an EU project I’m working on. As soon the project will be over I 'll definitely share them :slight_smile:

Thank again for your help!


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