Multi core support

I have been using WebODM for sometime now, and it works. Thank you for the development of such wonderful application.

With the advance of cloud computing, and the billing per second, and or per minute of instances, and the easy availability of such systems. Any way to implement multi core support on some of the components lacking it?

I can process very fast most of the functions, but when it reaches “running pdal pipeline” as an example it takes forever. Sort of defeats the purpose of using cloud computing to an extent.

Here is one example of running that: 64 core machine with 236GB of RAM and SSD Storage.

Thank you.

Keep an eye for when is merged in, as it addresses exactly the section of the pipeline you just mentioned. :wine_glass:

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Piero, I see a merge. Does that mean it has been updated to support multiple cores?


If so, can I just run a ./ update on my installation to take advantage of the update?

Thank you.

Not yet, we will need to merge the odm_output_improvements branch into master before it’s ready. :slight_smile: probably a few weeks.

Thanks for the update. New to the Github thing lol



Has there been any updates on trying to implement multi-core support?

Thank you.