Moving WebODM to a different computer

Hello, I am new to WebODM. It is an amazing program, thanks to the developers.
My initial install was on a laptop computer with Windows 10 Home. It can process 80 photos without any problems, just takes a while. I did not have the ability to down load the WebODM program from my home because of the size of the program. That is the reason for the laptop. Is there a way to transfer the program from the laptop to a desktop computer that is also running Windows 10?

It is absolutely possible. You can create a backup of the processing data and the web application data on your old computer and then import it into a WebODM instance in docker on your new computer.

First, backup the contents of your old windows 10 computer:
#Backup Commands
./ start
docker run --rm --volume webodm_appmedia:/temp -v /absolute/path/to/backup:/backup ubuntu tar cvf /backup/backup.tar /temp
docker run --rm --volume webodm_dbdata:/temp -v /absolute/path/to/backup:/backup ubuntu tar cvf /backup/dbdata.tar /temp

Once you have WebODM downloaded onto your new computer run:
./ start && ./ down
#move the .tar backup files from your old computer to your new computer
docker run --rm --volume webodm_dbdata:/temp --volume /absolute/path/to/newComputer/backupDirectory:/backup ubuntu bash -c “rm -fr /temp/* && tar xvf /backup/dbdata.tar”
docker run --rm --volume webodm_appmedia:/temp --volume /absolute/path/to/newComputer/backupDirectory:/backup ubuntu bash -c “rm -fr /temp/* && tar xvf /backup/appmedia.tar”
./ start

There is an example on the WebODM GIT Hub LINK, but I found that you have to use an absolute path in the scripts in order for it to work (i.e. switch ‘pwd’/backup to C:/WebODM/backup)

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Hello kingurr,

Thanks for the reply. I tried the backup and restore as shown in the GIT but never got anywhere.
I am not that familiar with the use of the command line so could you tell me if I do the backup using the docker toolbox screen or should I use the Windows command prompt screen?


Hi Warrenb,

Are you using Docker Toolbox or Docker for Windows?

If you are using Docker for Windows, Windows PowerShell should do the trick or whatever command line you use to start up the WebODM app. Ensure that your command line working directory is the same directory/folder you want your backup to be saved into.

Hello Kingurr,

Thanks for the help so far. I am using Docker Toolbox on the computer I am trying to backup.

If I run into any more problems I will ask you. Right now I have to brush up on the command line interface.