Mosaic JPEGs with minimum overlap

I need to process drone collections which have minimum overlap (<<50%). WebODM won’t process them in normal mode, Fast Ortho is very hit/miss. There have been suggestions of using MS image composite editor, but MS has withdrawn it.

Photogrammetry is unimportant in this application. I only want the composite image for situational awareness.

ArcGIS offers a similar capability but at their prices. Maps Made Easy offers a Flat Map. This is what I need, but I’m poor and would appreciate open source.

Anyone in the community able to help?


Try ImageStitching from GitHub - mkazhdan/PoissonRecon: Poisson Surface Reconstruction ?

It’s hit or miss and has scalability troubles though (gets very slow with lots of images).


Some folks have had good luck with Hugin, but the learning curve is really high.

If you like, I have the MSI backed up for Microsoft Image Composite Editor. I could always share it with you.

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I’ve successfully stitched quite a few large panoramas together with Hugin, but only with a regular SLR camera, not aerial drone photos. It has generally done a really good job, and I think it should work well with drone photos too.

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