More memory or

Not really a hardware guy but I’ve been forced to move to WebODM lightning because I want to run large projects with my current laptop so

More memory or new laptop?


The RAM websites (if I have the right model info) say it’s maximum is 32GB. Will I still run into memory issues running locally if I upgrade to the max?

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I’ve got out of memory a number of times with 32GB, so… Do you have the budget for a laptop that can take 64GB?

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Was hoping to avoid a new laptop but wondered if the I7 was outdated in the 2 years since I purchased. I’m not sure I understand why I can’t put a 32GB in each slot? Why would there be a limit?

Nah, despite what Intel would like you to believe, there really isn’t all that much to be gained between generations at this point. Sure, an 11th or 12th gen i7 will be faster, but we’re talking likely a 10-20% delta, if that.

Memory controller, UEFI Firmware… A number of reasons. You can always try, but you’re on your own / at your own risk.

For instance, I’ve got an ancient eMachines 633ids with an Intel Celeron 1.13GHz which had a max memory support of 64MB according to the OEM. That baby is running 2GB right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m super tempted to try and over-RAM my ultra-small form-factor desktop (max supported on motherboard is 32GB, supposedly, 64GB by CPU/memory controller supposedly) to 128GB, but I’m not in a place where I can drop almost $1k on a FAAFO situation.

I’m currently on ebay looking at buying a Phantom 4 Pro Ver 2.0 so that and a new laptop are probably not in the budget. I’m OK with Lightning but I feel like I’m missing out on something when I don’t hear the sweet hum of my own laptop grinding through the numbers and pushing around pixels…

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Te quedaste sin memoria ¿en que tipo de proceso?, ¿cuantas fotografías y cuanto pesan?