Model of my deck

Just for fun, and to learn more about WebODM and Blender, I flew my DJI Mini 2 around my deck to create a model. My deck has trees on 3 sides of it and overhanging it. Flying between the tree branches to get some of the shots was a bit challenging. There was a bit of a pucker factor a few times when flying inches below a branch and the drone started drifting upwards! (The Mini 2 has only forward and downward sensors, which is good here - I could never have flown that close to the trees if there were active sensors the other directions.)

I shot 142 images and processed those and saw some areas that didn’t seem to have adequate coverage. So I shot another 49 images to fill in some areas. That improved the places I concentrated on, but it seemed that some other areas decreased in quality. The glass railing and adjacent sunroom windows and doors caused some oddities, as expected. One thing I found odd is that the deck and other items seem to be “reflected” in the undersides of the tree branches.

My processing system is Windows 10 Pro on a laptop with 64GB of RAM. I initially processed this using Docker/WebODM, but ran out of memory when I increased pc-quality to ultra. I then processed it in Windows native WebODM, and it processed in 24+ hours. The WebODM timer showed 36 minutes, so I don’t have accurate information… :grinning:

I postprocessed this with Blender to clean up some of the extraneous parts of the model, but purposefully left most of the trees. To get the upload files under the 100MB limit for the free Sketchfab account, I decimated the model in Blender to 70% and converted the PNG files to JPG.

Processing parameters:

debug: true, mesh-octree-depth: 13, mesh-size: 1000000, min-num-features: 30000, pc-quality: ultra, resize-to: -1, verbose: true

Suggestions on improving the quality are welcome.


This is fantastic!




Great work. I have been doing similar stuff on/off for about a year now.

My current work flow is Mavic Air 2 - Dronelink - WebODM desktop - Blender - Sketchfab.

I am trying to find like minded people working on similar apps to help me step up my game.

Santa Margarita River - Existing Conditions by RiverSonicRun on Sketchfab

My current sticking point is really getting the best of my drone and WebODM set-up that I have. I am really cost prohibited.

Any advice or guidace would be appreciated. Keep up the great work.


Been upping my game a bit with a similar workflow, but who wants to look at more screens?:


Can you open a separate thread on this? It’d be good to troubleshoot this in a dedicated way. Welcome and cheers!


Man that was like next idea!. I do alot of public engagement tabling events and I work on some pretty large dam removal projects. Having physical side by side models of pre/post restoration would be huge. I would need to be soooo much better at all of this is get to that point though.

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Which room do you think would be best to start the thread?

You could do it in a separate thread here in the showcase.

Hi, @JungleSonic. Nice to see others doing like similar things. My weakest step is Blender. So far I’ve only done minor editing/cleanup using Blender. I am trying to learn camera motion so that I can animate my results. I look forward to seeing other things you are working on.

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Hey Gary, fastest way I know how to get good camera animation effects in Blender is here: Tutorial: Quick Smooth Camera Movements in Blender - YouTube

I watched a .75 speed a few times and then worked through it, and it’s easy and simple.


Thanks, Stephen. I’ll take a look.

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