Mission planning

Currently users have no way to specify a flight plan within WebODM and have to rely on third party applications. https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/6


Why not just look at a clean integration with something existing:
QGroundControl or Ardupilot Mission Planner?

Also curious about this suggestion because I don’t think I’d have my control station and my processing stack be the same piece of hardware.

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Reading the Github issue convo, I like this point.

Hey :raised_hand: @danbjoseph yes I think a lot of people expressed interest in having the ability to define the mission and having multiple “export formats” for importing the mission in existing software and perhaps adding plugins for importing the data from WebODM using an API. Given the large number of hardware and mission control software available out there such a mechanism would allow good flexibility.

Would love to start implementing this soon, let me know if I can provide help.

A couple of interesting papers via Shaun Berryman on the integration of 3D reconstruction and flight planning, specifically solving the problem of difficult 3D reconstructions:

And github code on the second (although no license as far as I can see):

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I agree with @danbjoseph here - there are N mission planners already, what is the benefit of ODM making one? Mission storage/retrieval would likely be useful…

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It depends on the use case. An edge case for us is quality assessments of 3D structures, and for this, having some SfM built into the planning tool would allow for in-the-field improvements to flights (vegetation being one of the critical use cases).