Mission planning app for 3D building using Phantom v3?

I have a friend with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional that wants to create a 3D model of the exterior of a building. I’ve used Drone Deploy most frequently for flight planning, but the Phantom v3 isn’t listed as compatible on the app page.

  1. Any suggestions for a free flight planning app they could use?
  2. Any guidance and flight parameters they should use for a better 3D reconstruction?

I’ve been using the double grid and orbit options in Pix4D’s flight planner, but then processing in ODM with great success. The biggest challenge is poor GPS Z accuracy on near-ground points create a rotated model that is otherwise fantastic.

I’ll dm a link to a study model you can share with your collègue.


I guess it was just orbits and low flights/holding the P4 for this one:

For small structures, orbit pattern with control of degrees or numbers of shots per rotation plus manual low stuff should do it. Larger structures require probably a little of that and some 77%+ cross grids, and Pix4D’s flight planner works well for this.


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