Missing parts of ortho

I’ve looked around and did not find something thay answer my question…

So, i’m used to fly some quite large areas, with some hills. No terrain following, high altitude.
After processing as usual, i had few maps that did not come full as usual :frowning:

I tried another settings after some reseach here and Github but it seems to not show much of improvement…

So here comes the details :

Map is mostly forest
65% side overlap
75% front overlap
processed with thoses option (for the screenshot down bellow) :
crop: 0, dem-gapfill-steps: 10, dsm: true, matcher-distance: 0, min-num-features: 24000

The result :

Comparaison with DroneDeploy :

I thought it might be the topography, but i had some other plan with high topo and it worked…

Here is a screenshot of my plan with topography lines :

Green point is where i was the highest point i was able to liftoff, so it’s not only the highest part thats missing…

I’m lost…

Those sidelap/overlap can be a bit low for homogenous scenes… Subsequent flights might be better served by at least increasing overlap (if your camera/storage can handle the reduced photo interval).

Are you able to share the dataset? I think increasing feature-quality may help a bit.

i’m not sure i’m able to share the full data, at my local scale i’ts kinda buisness secret (for the whole world it’s a joke hahaha)
I’ll try raising feature quality and overlap of next flights.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Also, adjust your matcher-neighbors up to maybe 20.


I’ll try that thank you !

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Tried without luck…

crop: 0, dem-gapfill-steps: 10, dsm: true, matcher-distance: 0, matcher-neighbors: 20, min-num-features: 24000

I think it’s an overlap issue, but i don’t get why DroneDeploy gets it and not WebODM…

Try --feature-quality ultra and --feature-type HAHOG. Forest areas are tricky to process. Also make sure you are NOT resizing your images with WebODM when uploading the images.

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Thanks, i don’t resize them.
I’ve tried on ultra and it seems that i don’t have enough memory… Too bad, i’ll just fly my next plan with more overlap :slight_smile:

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Overlap really only costs your storage :slight_smile: Totally worth pushing it as high as your camera/storage medium allows, IMO.

Well if i don’t have enought memory to deal with low overlap but enought storage for have more, i’ll head this way :slight_smile:

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