Missing part of the output


I’m new to the community. We were on a search and rescue operation at a lake. The operation is over and we are trying to find software to combine the images for next time.

Some background on the equipment used. We used our Mavic Pro Platinum and PIX4D to take photos in an overlapping grid.

When I load the 165 photos into the WebODM It only outputs a small portion of the lake. Any help would be appreciated.

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Water is typically highly spectral and finding tie points will be difficult.

What was the lighting in the scene like? Were the images taken at nadir? Is the water turbid or clear? Is the surface flat, or was there presence of ripples?

Please post the data, if possible.

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It was daytime. The camera was set to 80 deg. It was a lake with minor flow. The water was not clear, however, visibility was approx 6-8 feet, vertical. There were ripples.

Where do I find the data?

Sounds like some factors in your favor, and some against for imaging the lake…

The data we’d be after would be potentially the images you collected, and any settings/parameters you may have changed from defaults when you ran it in WebODM.

What the simplest way to share the images?

You may opt to upload the whole directory of images to a cloud storage service like OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, etc, and then share a public “View” link here.

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Here is a link to the drop box. We just did another mapping flight. Also, we used pix4d set to double grid mode for all the flights. As for WebODM, I have done the basic settings since I am brand new to the program.

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First blush look at the Dam dataset, you might be too close with too much water in some of the frames to get any decent tie-points.

Lake 1 is going to be very problematic (mostly water, some frames highly spectral)
Lake 2 is the same.

ok, I was not able to upload all the files for the lake 2 search and dam set. There is not enough room in dropbox. I am removing the lake 2 folder and uploading all of the dam files

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