Missing colored DSM


i am running some simple task via ODM and after finish i do not have colored DSM.tif in my output folder.
instead of colored DSM.tif i get just black & white shape of my task like:

i run the task with flag: --dsm --pc-classify --dem-resolution 3
is there any flag what i mis?

the orthophoto.tif looks realy good:

Open it in QGIS https://qgis.org

Many programs do not support reading raw GeoTIFFs well.


i open it in qgis: it’s better but still b&w

i exported dsm to tiles via gdal2tiles but without good results:

like i remember when i ran projects via WebODM they render the dsm.tif “correctly” and gimp and qgis works well and with color.
is there some difference between ODM and WebODM in generating dsm file?

See this link for details
DSM DTM are black and white


thank you guys,
i will add:


an we can close the topic


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