Minimum RAM to install WebODM on AWS & recommendation for suitable cost

I’m planning to install WebODM on AWS / Amazon Web Services to try it and then a client will upload several Drone image files on it to try and see how it works.

For this purpose I will need to purchase a Docker Compose at the AWS. The price of the Docker Image varies based on the RAM size.

How much RAM could meet the requirements?

Furthermore I’ve noticed that on AWS when I purchase a Docker Compose for 2GB RAM I pay for it on an hourly basis such as $0.053/h and on the billing page its monthly total shows up as $33/month. I find this rather high and the problem is I need to pay for it even when I don’t use the AWS service altogether. I think that goes against the much advertised catch phrase “pay as you go” too.

So could you recommend any other Cloud Service Provider, which offers a more suitable Docker Compose service the one which doesn’t cost $33/Mo for just 2GB RAM?

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Have you checked (Disclaimer, I run the service)

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I had visited that page but without knowing what it does exactly. Now I’m takin a closer look at it.

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