MicMac Support in WebODM now available

Hey all, :slight_smile:

MicMac support has landed in WebODM!

You can add a MicMac processing node by running:

./webodm.sh update
./webodm.sh restart --with-micmac

Test it out and report issues on https://github.com/dronemapper-io/NodeMICMAC/issues

Note this is still an experimental feature, so bugs and problems are expected at this point!

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Where should that be passed on a native install? I’ve had a look through the services but it’s not obvious without following code down a rabbit hole:

# cat /etc/systemd/system/webodm-* | grep ExecStart
ExecStart=/webodm/python3-venv/bin/celery -A worker beat --pidfile=
ExecStart=/webodm/python3-venv/bin/celery -A worker worker --autoscale 8,2 --max-tasks-per-child 1000 --loglevel=warn
ExecStart=/webodm/python3-venv/bin/gunicorn webodm.wsgi --bind unix:/webodm/gunicorn.sock --timeout 300000 --max-requests 250 --preload
ExecStartPre=/usr/sbin/nginx -t -c /webodm/nginx/nginx.conf
ExecStart=/usr/sbin/nginx -c /webodm/nginx/nginx.conf

There might be complications using a native setup since the MicMac image is built on Ubuntu 18.04 (not saying it’s not possible).

I haven’t looked into running NodeMICMAC natively, but would love to get contributions to our documentation.

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Did the update and tried the fast-orthophoto and got a very nice and flat image. The only thing that didn’t appear well was the image that had was darkned in the center, like an inverse vignetting …

Any ideas? Or is this just a beta test of the nodemicmac pipeline?


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There’s no --fast-orthophoto option in MicMac, possible that you selected a NodeODM node?

Also, there is this thread on global radiometric corrections, but this sounds like it was run on NodeODM.

This is what I get …

oh ok, I get it, whatever option I choose, I get this:

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I bought your book from manning a few days ago and after the last update (the one that included nodemicmac) it’s suddenly outdated with new options to explore … :frowning:

Is micmac also now in regular ODM (by native or docker install)? it’s been a while - and perhaps I should just spin up a local webODM…

It is not. Micmac is integrated through a fork of NodeODM, so at the web api level not lower in the tool chain.

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I’m new here so please excuse this possibly stupid question - but why would a person choose nodeMicMac over nodeODM or vice-versa? Is one better or faster in certain situations?

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Generally, NodeODM is faster but not as accurate.