MicMac NODE?

ok so, I’m trying to figure out some other ways to process my drone maps and get better results with the file, the default node 1 is alright but I’ve seen other maps that looked more better aliened around edges of houses etc, using a MicMac node. I have no idea on what that is or how to access it, I do however notice that webodm manager has a setting option to enable MicMac (support) something like that. Any Ideas on how to make this work, if so, can you post pictures, step by step process. Thanks!

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I think our current processing engine should exceed MicMac’s results with the right tuning (and even with defaults for most data), but if you’d like to try, we have some documentation here:

well I don’t mind using ODM but just wondering how to get the map to not have wavy walls stuff like that. can you show pictures of what to possibly change in the edit tab in webodm platform to tweak up

Do you have the data you’re having trouble with available for us to test?

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