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I posted this in the WebODM forum, but it belongs here. Still trying to figure this one out.

I was trying out the MicMac node and it finished processing the images, but gave me a message: “An orthophoto could not be generated. To generate one, make sure GPS information is embedded in the EXIF tags of your images, or use a Ground Control Points (GCP) file.” I can create a GCP, but the standard ODM node creates orthophotos just fine from the same images without a GCP. Where is the disconnect? I’m using a Yuneec H520E and it gives me telemetry in .tlog, .utm, and .sky formats. Can any of those be used to substitute for what MicMac needs?

Here’s a portion of the EXIF data from GIMP. It contains lat/long data. I’m not sure about how accurate the height data is. It seems low.


Mmm, I’m not terribly experience with the MicMac engine…

Could the Z values be recorded as an offset from takeoff? Some platforms do that instead of offset from Mean Sea Level.

First of all, NodeMicMac is not updated to lastest WebODM so it will not work until upgrade. I made some update but need to push new version … I will push new version in the following months. (disclaimer: I’m not the original one who push NodeMicMac but a contributor)

NodeMicMac should be run in standalone at this time or with previous WebODM (2019) version. Then to debug, it needs complete log output not only final error.

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Understood. Thanks for the feedback! I look forward to the update, and will use it as you describe while it’s being compiled.

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