Micasense orthophotos alignment

Dear all,

I’m trying to get a couple images from a Micasense MX (multispectral camera) orthorectified and aligned.

I tried both “fast ortho” and “default ortho” but in both cases the images are not aligned.

For example: the car is misaligned and there are lots of “white spots”.

Can someone help me? Is there a way to improve this alignment?

The files area available in this link: https://we.tl/t-9RmXrnrAD8

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For others to see more easily:

I think part of the problem could be the lack of side lap? ODM perhaps should try to do a better job of handling linear datasets like this one. Have you tried to process it with some other software?


Also try to isolate a single band and process it individually. Do you get a better reconstruction in that case for a single band?


Hi @aperdigao - wellcome!

In pix4D processing the data as rig with all 5 channels, it seems to handle it better. Attached is the red edge.

Have you done any geo-tagging yourself or was all data already embedded in the original EXIF?

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How does the 5 channel ortho look like in Pix4D?

Hi @gast,
Thank you for your input.
If I process each band i get quite good results.
My issue however is with the alignment of the bands.

Hi Piero,

Thank you for your input.
I think you might be right. I have lots of images but only processed a small sequence subset (that’s why they follow that path).
I will process the entire dataset and share the results.


There are 5 individual orthos. All aligned. No single multi-channel ortho.
There were no errors that seemed to be related to the linear nature of the data set.

Well, I suppose that means we have work to do to improve things.