Merging multispectral flights

I have three datasets from flights flown over different sections of a river reach, with overlap. Each flight has its own set of radiometric calibration images associated with it. Each flight has about 2700 images in it. If I combine all the datasets, then the software has three sets of calibration data, without any indication of which photos they belong to. If I process the three datasets separately, I’m not sure how to merge them into one large image.

What’s the best workflow here?

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Do you have software from the vendor of your mulispectral camera to do the radiometric calibration with?

If you pre-process each of the three sets so the radiometric calibration is “burned-in” for the images, then you should just be able to pass them all as one Task to get processed together no issue.

They were taken with a parrot sequoia, so I will check. Thanks!


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