Merge 2 mashes of 2 close zones


Hi, I’m planning to create a mesh of a quite large zone, probably too much for a single processing. So I was thinking to the following option (in 2 steps):

  1. Given 2 adiacente land zones I would like to acquire 2 set of photo (one for each zone with a partial overlap) and perform 2 separate computation (mesh generation).
  2. Automatically merge the 2 meshes in a single one.

Anyway, looking around the web, I did not found the right solution to the second problem (Automatically merge the 2 meshes in a single one); many solutions refer to the point cloud, or laser scan meshes and does not account for the texture.

Can you kindly suggest a way in order to solve this problem?


Hi @Marco_Del_Coco,

We are very interested in the answer to this question as well. I haven’t had time yet to explore this thoroughly, but having a tiled mesh with levels of detail is I think what you want. There’s some hints as to approaches places like here:

Also, if you want or need an automated or semi-automated approach for splitting the model while maintaining a single coordinate system (otherwise, you can get some ugly XYZ offsets for non-RTK/PPK data collections), check out the nacent split-merge approach here: