Memory Issue / Pause in Middle of Processing


We have been trying to process orthophotos and 3d models in WebODM and have encountered the same issue over abnd over again. The photos will load and processing starts, but then progress stops and the error code in the attached image is displayed. We have installed 32 gb of RAM on the computer we use for processing so I have a hard time imagining that is the problem.

I would attach the code, but it is too large to upload and the file type is not supported.

Thanks in advance.

Low memory may well be the problem, depending on the settings that you chose. Can you list the settings that you tried? If you can make the files available via dropbox or google drive I can run them through one of my nodes and tell you how much RAM was consumed. Here’s a graph showing RAM usage on one of my nodes to process 493 photos in high resolution (this dataset):

Edit: Well the graph seems to be tiny on the page. For context, there’s 256GB RAM in that node. If you want to run a few datasets through as a test on one of my nodes you can drop me a PM and I’ll create you an account.

How much memory shows in the diagnostic page? I would help to know what settings were used as well as a copy of the output log. Can you process a dataset if you use a processing node from

Also make sure you’re running the latest version (press “Update” from WebODM Manager). With the release of 0.5.0 we had an issue with memory in the last 1-2 days which should now be fixed

You can close this - the problem was just too little ram for such a large dataset. Thank you for your help - I have decided to use the lightning node for future work.