Melting pictures, tweaking settings

Hello and thanks in advance for any help you may give.
I need help with finding the appropriate settings to get the best results out of WebODM, Ive fiddled with the settings in accordance with other answers Ive found in forums however I have had little if any success. I use my drone to photograph areas that are mainly bush (forest) with the occasional house hiding in the trees. Heres a link to a recent set of photos I took of my place if your interested, Dropbox - Drone photos - Simplify your life
The problem i’m having is that with the default settings and any other setting i’ve tried is that the photos seem to be melting for want of a better term.
Ive used Drone Deploy previously and the results from that have been great without any need to tweak settings, id like to get the same results from WebODM.
To me the settings section is Gobbelygook, I don’t understand what the different settings achieve.
Any help would be great.

Hi Matt, for forest areas at the moment I’d recommend to toggle --use-pmvs and --use-25dmesh. OpenDroneMap hasn’t been performing too well with that kind of terrain and we’re actively working to improve this very specific case. Keep an eye on

Thanks very much for the prompt response, I have previously tried altering the settings mentioned but have had little success.
I had a look at the link and id be lying if I said I understood it, as soon as it involves typing commands my eyes glaze over and my head goes elsewhere!
How would I know when the fix is available please?

You could subscribe to receive updates on OpenDroneMap by adding yourself to the “Watch” list.


Thanks for the info. Appreciated.

I use ODM for forest health research, and my orthos from forest surveys are at least as good if not better than DD. Using default settings gave me holes and very strange looking blobs of trees. Sorry to say, but 2D_meshing did not improve the output for me.

Here are my settings from the settings.yaml file: docker.settings.gei.large.yaml · GitHub

You only need to worry about the uncommented settings, rest are either default and unused, or are notes to myself.