Measurements all show zero

I’m new to WebODM and searched the forum and guides for help with this, but didn’t see an answer, so please excuse me if I’m asking something that’s already been answered somewhere else.

I am using WebODM v1.8.3 in a Docker v20.10.6 container on Windows 10 v20xx. I used the Github instructions to install it. I’m processing .jpg images from a Yuneec H520E. Everything seems to work except for the measurements. I’ve tried using the DTM, High Resolution Ortho, and 3D Model presets, and run my own version of the settings. The WebODM runs all produce 2D and 3D images just fine, and all of the other tools work except for the measurements. The measurement tools just report 0.00m or only give me one red dot with no info. Any help on what I’m doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

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That looks to me like you have created two measurements each of conincident points rather than one measurement between two points. I found the GUI a bit confusing for this but I believe you need to left click once to select the first measurement point then click and hold to drag out the second measurement point then release. The measurement will show as two red points with a line between them.


Ok. Now I feel like a real noob. I was clicking and dragging all at the same time. I didn’t think to click a second time. Seems unintuitive, but it works! Thanks for the help!!


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