Measurement problems when location exif removed

I am wrapping up a processed dataset, and the ortho measurements are really really off. It’s showing for some reason that the whole property I mapped is 3 acres with the measurement, but it’s actually more like 90-100 acres. Am I using the tool incorrectly?

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That’s atypical. Does it place correctly in the world? How are you doing your calculations?

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I don’t think it’s placed correctly in the world. It’s just black all around the map. I was using the measurement tool to place points on the map.

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If it isn’t placed correctly then there’s no way it will give you reasonable measurements. :smiley:

Some things to check:

  • spot check your images to make sure they have longitude, latitude, and height of the drone in the exif data
  • If they do, then perhaps there are some that are corrupted, so a tool like exiftool will allow you to check them en mass, or post them somewhere so someone here can inspect them.
  • Posting the log would be helpful, as then we can see what WebODM is seeing in the images. Just upload it to a file sharing site like Google Drive and throw a link in your reply.
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It was my bad, on export I didn’t remove the default checkbox to “Remove Location Data” in lightroom. I was doing some pre-processing to fix some shadows. Sorry about that.

Quick question: Would that affect the quality of the orthophoto as well?


Ahh! That’d do it.

Not having exif info will have an effect on the calculation of resolution, and could significantly degrade the ortho.

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