Meaning of "GPS errors" and "GPS/GCP Errors Details"


Please, could anyone explain to me the exactly meaning of “GPS errors” and “GPS/GCP Errors Details”, or indicate the proper documentation about it, as can be seen on de project report?

My project uses a geo.txt geotag, those coordinates where obtained using PPK L1,L2. I also processed the same photos using a geo.txt obtained without PPK corrections, i.e., using only the rover SINGLE solution and got pretty much the same results:


No GCP were used. Processing job done using the “Default” WebODM configurations.

Here are my files:

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If you have confidence in the accuracy of your GPS positions, make sure to set the gps-accuracy option to the appropriate value.

The errors reported are the average difference between the computed camera shots and the GPS locations of such shots. Constraining the bundle adjustment problem with gps-accuracy will probably lower this number.


Thanks Piero, I will rerun the case.


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