Maximum image size ODM can take


I’m new to using ODM and docker. I’ve read a lot of articles about ODM and how it can process Drone imagery but I’m wondering if ODM is possible in processing satellite imagery that are 10gb per image?

I have a couple satellite images that I want to try to process and play with using ODM and it doesn’t seem to be working. I highly likely be doing something wrong in between that’s making the process fail as well since I’m not quite sure if I have the setting correct and such. But just want to know if ODM is capable of taking images that are so large.

Thanks in advance!

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If your image is 10GB, I suspect it’s likely been acquired via a push broom camera and ODM cannot model such cameras.


as software for satellite image processing you can see on the SNAP ESA side it is available free

There was a little typo, it’s actually around 700mb per images but you are correct, the images I have is from a push broom camera, so maybe that’s why it’s not working. Thanks for helping out!

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Thanks for the heads up! will look into it

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yes I just checked a satellite image (sentinel MSIL) all the color bands + the different info needed. file size is around 800 MB