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Hi - new to WebODM Brilliant application!

I am creating some very high resolution point clouds for 3D printing monuments. But WebODM doesn’t seem to be using my PC capability to its maximum.

I have a Windows11 PC with 3GHz Intel i9, 128Gb RAM and GEFORCE RTX 3090 with 24Gb RAM.

But looking at resource usage right now, CPU is around 6%, GPU 2% (1.4Gb RAM in use) and RAM usage is 16Gb. Disk activity doesn’t seem very high.

I can’t find any settings anywhere to commit more resources to this task. Is that possible?

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Hi Kevin,

I will disclose that I dont use Webodm on windows , but since this has been replied to in 3 days I thought I would chime in on what I do know about Webodm on windows. First it depends on how you installed ODM on your machine. Are you using docker or is it a native install? If docker, there is a settings file for docker you can adjust the resources docker has available (something like wsl 2) . If its a native install it should use all available resources. Anyway hope that someone with more knowledge of webodm on windows can fill you in.



Thanks. I found that WebODM was using all available memory - I just didn’t have enough! To fix that I configured a disk partition I wasn’t using to explicitly provide a 1Tb paging file.

It still doesn’t use much CPU/GPU resources though.

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paging file is going to be many times slower than ram, which probably has to do with the low use of CPU/GPU.

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Yes. It is slower because disc is slower than RAM. But it’s cheaper than upgrading my 128Gb of RAM by a factor of 10x!

In the end, I just reduced the quality of my point cloud from ultra to high, whilst keeping the PC count at 10,000,000 and it successfully completed in just under an hour.


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