Mavic mini

Hello all. Wondering what your thoughts are for using web ODM with the mavic mini. I don’t own a drone yet, so I don’t know about any of the limitations for them, any help would be appreciated. One of my biggest concerns is the use of JPEG as the only image format.

Any help or thoughts would be welcome.

JPEG is fine and expected. Image Quality may not be sufficient for you wants/needs given the sensor in the Mavic Mini, but otherwise, I don’t see anything blocking.

You’d probably want to use Litchi to plan your flights, though.

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I have a mini. It’s the same camera that was in the original Mavic, and it’s OK for many things, and a good little drone for the price. It feels like a toy, doesn’t take the wind well, but is remarkably capable.

@Saijin_Naib – can you flight plan the Mini with Litchi?


Whoa! Flight planning for the mini:

That changes things.


@smathermather, I thought so since it says Mavics are supported, but further reading reveals that DJI have yet to release the SDK for Litchi to make that happen, so I guess it means only some Mavics.

My bad.

@kevinnem, maybe hold off on Litchi until DJI decides to play ball.

Or maybe go with a Parrot Anafi, which has excellent support with Pix4D (as it should since Pix4D & Parrot are the same company) and really rudimentary flight planning via an add-on for Parrot FreeFlight 6.

I think I’m sticking with my Solo forever, to be honest :rofl::sob:

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There will be good news soon on the mini:

I do love the solo.

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The solo looked pretty cool, I have to admit, they were going for cheap cheap on the used market too.

I don’t know why but for all my googling, I am just having the craziest trouble finding good information , the response here have be so far amazingly encouraging.

The mini is attractive due to weight ( Canadian regulations), what flight planning software is there for it?

What flight planning software is available for the mini? for the mavic 2 ( my second choice – have not yet considered the AIR) – I think I want to stick with DJI

I am not looking for crazy detailed work,. mostly just for 3’d models of land, better then walking back and forth with GPS collecting points all day.

What about a Bebop2 FPV?

Electronic 2-axis image stabilization is a huge plus to me for maintenance and simplicity.

Electronic stabilization is a nightmare for photogrammetry though… .

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Due to the rippling/smearing? From what I’ve heard from the Bebop2, it shouldn’t be too bad at all under normal flight conditions since the “window” on the sensor is so small and the readout is quick enough. Is that not trued for the Bebop2? I was tempted to get one for agricultural survey since it’d be way more robust against the dust/dirt.

I bought a Mavic Mini a few weeks ago, having previously had access to a Mavic Pro. I’ve used both with ODM, and as a casual user I couldn’t spot a real difference between the output. The Mini is a little less capable in wind, but where I live it’s usually either nearly completely calm or windy enough that you can’t fly either of them, so it’s not an issue for me.