Mavic 3 Enterprise with RTK - parameters to use

I will be starting to use a Mavic 3 Enterprise with RTK for ortophoto and point clouds. I will appreciate all the tips I could get regarding using this drone with WEBODM.

I have not used RTK before, is there any other parameters I should make sure to set right when running the project in WEBODM (Running windows version against lightning service) ?

The drone has a “dewarp” opting to straighten out the photos. When this option is not used I get dark vignetecorners and fisheye perspetive. I suppose the best option is then to use “dewarped” ?

I need dsm files with ellipsoidal height (tif format). Does anyone know where to download these (My area of operation is Norway) ?


Use unfixed with distortion and use fisheye setting.

I have a Phantom4RTK at work but there’s trouble with rtk in ODM. If it doesn’t work for you then remove XMP data from the images and just use GCP.

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