Matching with gpu?

According to the messages during processing the gpu can be used during matching. My gpu have 12gb of memory but for some reason WebODM think it’s to small for 23mp images.

What gpu or vram is needed to match with the gpu?

I believe the sift uses gpu, but the matching doesn’t, it’s never used the gpu for matching for me anyway, and doesn’t bring up a message to say dropping to cpu like it does in the sift process.

AFAIK, GPU is not used for matching, I’ve never seen any messages about fall-back to CPU for matching.

However, feature extraction can use GPU if you have enough VRAM

[INFO] Photo dimensions for feature extraction: 5472px
[INFO] CUDA drivers detected
[WARNING] Image size (5472x3648px) would not fit in GPU memory, falling back to CPU

GPU is also used in dense reconstruction

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