Matcher-neighbors defaults to 0...why?

I’m trying to understand why the Fast Ortho option sets matcher-neighbors to 0.

The tooltip says setting matcher-neighbors to 0 disables using GPS data and instead causes “triangulation” to be used for matching.
My gut feel is that matching by GPS data would be faster, but I don’t know exactly what is meant by “triangulation” in this context.

Can anyone explain?

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Fast Orthophoto shouldn’t set matcher-neighbors to 0 (by default).

Maybe the Preset was changed?

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This is what’s confusing me: it appears matcher-neighbours defaults to 0

Corrected the thread title now since it’s not set by Fast-Ortho.

I’m still confused why it defaults to 0 and what is the “triangulation” method…?

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I forgot, by default pre-matching via neighbors is disabled (0), which is correct. Pre-matching already happens via triangulation. You can speed things up further by setting a low value to matcher-neighbors (like 4), but you might miss some matches.


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