Marking points for Volume

I am looking for expert tips on marking the Polygon points for Volume measurements. I cant help but wonder if I am creating errors in the case I try to follow the base of the DSM exactly. I am talking about for stockpile measurements in particular in this thread. I do a lot of comparrisons between my Pix4D results and WebODM for the purpose of checking each. I was pretty surprised (and maybe I should not have been) by these measurement results.

So, would an expert suggest following the lines created in the DSM as exactly as we are able to OR in the case of something like a maintained yard, just drop points around the flat plane to define this as the ground reference?

Results: First Pic. I tried to follow the lines exactly:

Second, I marked out a bit since the surface is so clean and flat. I left the measurement of the first one as well:

The results were SO close. Then I compared to p4D. Looks a bit messy because I am showing the marks from a couple different measurements. The smalles volume was from where you are able to see a lot of dots from my outline marking (trying to be oh, so accurate) But based on seeing the results from marking out further, it looks to me like I am taking volume out when trying to be so careful. and so, this is why I am looking for someone who understands the relevance of the polygon marks to advise my procedure.

Also, feature request: estimated error seems so smart for delivering an “estimated volume” report.

I also have had a lot of trouble with the double click ending the marking. I have tried slowing down my mouse double click speed on my computer and I am very careful about double clicks since I have accidentally ended the selection a lot of times. There is no way that I am aware of to recover. That means starting over.

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There’s a great plug-in for QGis to compute a volume between two DSM/DTM’s.

I’ve found it to be very accurate

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Nice to hear. Do you know the name of the plugin? is this the one you mentioned?

Volume Calculation Tool

Calculates volume based on DEM layers

This plugin allows to calculate the volume inside multiple polygons based on a DEM layer.

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That’s the one

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